World Vision Development Project, Mexico

We were excited to be finally meeting with World Vision in Mexico and two dates set up no less! The first was in the tiny town of Bochil, high in the mountains in the gorgeous state of Chiapas. We travelled for 17 hours by bus from the Tucatan to San Cristobel de las Casas, then… Read more »

Community Project: Upcycling Plastic Bags, Nicaragua

  We are so happy to bring you our latest 5 minute documentary, this time from a little village in the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. Sometimes the projects find us, which is what happened in this case. We love this project so much because everyone wins! Want More Inspiration? See all our mini documentaries! Download… Read more »

Soup Kitchen, Guatemala

When we arrived in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, we were beginning to get worried that we would run out of inspiring stories to film and write about – but as soon as we stopped looking for stories, the stories came to us. Meeting a hippie in San Marcos We ran into a quirky German ex-hippie in… Read more »

Empowering Women in the Sex Industry, Nicaragua

In the mountains of Northern Nicaragua is a small town called Matagalpa. Home to some 100,000 people, it is a bustling place. While there appear to be many industries forging ahead, in the country there are few opportunities for women to work and education is difficult to come by. Eking out an existence earning $2… Read more »