10 ways to change the world during your lunch break

Change the world in your lunch break

Changing the world can be something you do during your lunch break. Sometimes the smallest actions can make a big difference to someone, somewhere in the world. Here are 10 ideas for how you can make a difference. If you can think of more please include them below (10 points!).

1. Give your clothes to someone in need

Arrange to give away the clothes you don’t wear and blankets you don’t use.

2. Share an inspiring video

Inspiring the people around you is a work of art! Apps like Facebook and Twitter give you the power to share beautiful, inspiring and powerful videos that can affect hundreds of people in minutes. Stuck for ideas? Here is an awesome video, ready to inspire the pants off everyone you know.

3. Support the schools in the slums

Forgo your coffee this afternoon (or a few wines tonight!) and make a donation to the schools in the slums of Colombia. Every bit helps alter the cycle of poverty.

4. Buy or make lunch for a homeless person

Give your lunch break the warm fuzzies! The next time you make a sandwich  or order a soup to go why not double it up and make another persons tummy very happy.

5. Join Avaaz

We think projects like Avaaz will change the world, don’t miss the revolution! Sign up for their emails and vote for the ones that are important to you.

6. Stop and chat to your neighbours

If you live in an area where your closest neighbours pass by unnamed and unknown maybe it’s time to say hello. In many places we have lost the community of neighbours. It’s not hard to re-ignite that community feel – just start with with a simple hello!

7. Assist a local community project

If you start looking you will find great little community projects in all sorts of nooks and crannies of your town or city.  Want to make their day? Call one that inspires you and ask how you can be of assistance.

8. Buy a chicken

Or a pig! World Vision Australia have some pretty cool ways to help people – you could sponsor a child and contribute to the development their community or if you are looking for a one off,  buy someone in need a life changing gift of a chicken, goat, fruit trees or sports equipment.

9. Loan a stranger 25 bucks

Microfinance community Kiva connects small business operators in third world countries with groups of people who would be willing to loan them $25 so that they can start or expand. It is a fantastic program that helps people become self sufficient.

10. Nominate inspiring people to win a CALI Award

The CALI Award is given to every day inspiring people who are making a difference to their communities.

If you know someone who deserves recognition for their awesome work, take a few moments and nominate them for the award!

There are ten ways you can make the most of your lunch break and make the world a better place! Got more ideas? List them below.

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