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Five Point Five is a passion project! It started when Serena and Johnny sold their stuff, packed up their lives and left Australia in April 2012.

They have been travelling ever since, at this point they have travelled through much of Latin America, parts of USA, Australia, New Zealand and are planning their next steps in Europe, Africa and Asia for the rest of 2014 and 2015. The rest of the team joined in 2013 and 2014 from all over the world and more people volunteer their time, expertise and passion each month.

The Crew

Serena Star Leonard

Serena Star Leonard

Serena is a Kiwi business coach, writer and blogger who loves adventures under the sea as well as in the kitchen. Her blog-that-became-a-book “How to Retire in 12 Months” is an Australasian best-seller and she helps small business owners have success online through her partnership in Grassroots Internet Strategy.

Her second book “How to Succeed in 12 Months: Creating a Life You Love” launched June 2014.

Johnny Leonard

John Leonard

Johnny is an Irish blogger and poet who is passionate about goalkeeping, poker, video journalism and long term would like to see some serious change in how the world works.

As well as managing his blog Sober Paddy, he is currently travelling through Latin America directing travel reviews and mini documentaries of inspiring people and projects.


 Paula Johnson

Paula Johnson

Paula loves to explore and experience.  She spent five months living in Bali in 2011, volunteer teaching (she’s not a teacher!) and getting to know her sponsor child Yogi.  Five months that changed her life and her focus.

With passions for photography, travel, Yogi, and her website SoulCuisine, she hopes to inspire others to stretch their comfort zones and follow their dreams.


Fiona Cossill

Fiona is always out to do something more with her life whether it be diving on a faraway reef, a rockstar on saxaphone, running a marathon, motorbike riding adventures or travel writing.

Keeping up with her can be a high achievement in itself! Fiona loves travel, music and making a difference and is entwining them into her life at every chance.

 Donna McTavish

Donna McTavish

Donna loves language and her business fights the fight against gobbledegook in business English. After living all over the world, Donna adopted Auckland as her home. Here she also volunteers as an English language tutor to help ease new settlers into Kiwi culture.

There is nothing Donna likes more than packing her toothbrush and having new adventures, sometimes close to home, sometimes not. She writes about them in her blog The Local Tourist NZ.


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