7 Things I wish I knew before I went traveling for 2 years

me, sheesh and wifi
WIFI, sheesha and easy living


1. You will become more of a hippy than you thought possible

By hippy I mean you consume less stuff and enjoy nature more. It just happens that way. Long term travel equals slightly fruity smelling body odour.

2. Everything will be the exact same when you return

Sure a motorway will be complete or some shopping centre will have opened or closed down, but overall, nothing will change. Your friends and family may have a new addition or have lost a member or two, but the day to day stays regular.

3. Less is more. Bring less stuff in your backpack

And have more money. Or income streams. You can pick up everything you need on your travels and much cheaper too. And you will also look like less of a tourist if you dress with clothes you buy on your way


me with backpack
Less is more in your travel pack


4. Be open to never coming back

We met so many people who fell in love with somewhere and never returned to their homeland. This kind of life seems so free and risky.

5. There is WIFI everywhere

Everywhere. Worrying about not being online was plain silly. Granted the speed and cost in some of the poorer countries (yes Cuba, Bolivia and Guatemala, I’m talking about you) left a lot to be desired, but overall, staying connected has never been easier.

6. Don’t be smug

Lots of people think that because they travel that they are somehow more enlightened or have become a better person. Make sure you are not that guy or gal that people don’t want at their dinner parties any more. No one likes a smug introvert.

7. Enjoy every day as though it is your last

More than likely you will return home and all you will have are memories and photos. Typing blogs will jar your imagination somewhat, but your incredible journey will have become a memory.  Savour it.


me in cuidad perdida
Live the moment each day. You will not be back this way for a long time.


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