Mobility Dogs Prison Training Program

Mobility Dogs Assistance Trust

We travel to New Zealand to film a special program where prison inmates spend their days training mobility dogs ready to assist people with disabilities. The Mobility Assistance Dogs Trust, Dept. of Corrections and Mars New Zealand have combined forces to train dozens of dogs ready to help people with mobility issues gain independence and a greater opportunity to interact in their communities.

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5 thoughts on “Mobility Dogs Prison Training Program”

  1. That is wonderful, benefiting not only people with disabilities, but also giving the prisoners a sense of purpose and I am sure in their rehabilitation and mental stability.

  2. I love this concept! It also ties in so much with the work I am doing in building the social communication and interaction skills of young people who are at risk of becoming part of the juvenile justice system because of their lack of social interaction skill development. A young client I have spends time with horses in a similar way. The program is about her developing the ability to experience how her anxious and aggressive behaviour impacts on those around her. Horses react immediately to her emational state so she gets to understand how this is part of her relationships with family members, kids at school and others involved with her.

  3. This is a great story and a great program. So many are benefiting. It also great to see companies opening their doors and being involved. Thanks for sharing this and letting everyone know there is good in the world, irrespective of their past.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE what a wonderful video and what wonderful work – a total WIN-WIN all round. spent the whole video smiling. I love your work 😀 the prison work is fab, the training for the women is fab – this is a superb programme for the women’s self-esteem. thank you for bringing it to light!


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