Irish Water: Ireland Protests The Irish Water Charges

We spend the day in Dublin to cover the protests against the privatisation of Irish Water. We saw first hand how organised grassroots movements can take on the might of Governments.

Which overseas volunteer organisation should you choose?

Volunteering Overseas

Volunteering overseas is an exciting and life changing experience! But which volunteer organisation should you choose? Let us help you find the perfect project!

Community Project Save Turtles, Using Plastic Bags From Beaches

Community Project Save Turtles, Using Plastic Bags From Beaches - Nicaragua

Our latest short documentary is set in Nicaragua where ingenious women turn plastic bags from the ocean into funky bags and jewellery, saving turtle in the process!

Making a Difference: Empowering Women in the Sex Industry

Las Golondrinas - women's rights

This 5 minute documentary is about a group of courageous women who are helping to educate sex workers in Nicaragua on women’s rights, health and safety.

Making a Difference: Inspiring Stories of Women’s Rights

We travelled behind a volcano to find this inspiring story. Our second mini documentary – watch it now!

Making A Difference: An Inspiring Story From The Slums Of Colombia

The first official video in the Making a Difference series. This mini documentary showcases the inspiring work of Oscar Cortes at FundaciĆ³n Mariposas Amarillas who has dedicated his life to educating kids from the slums.