Frank Weijand – Winner of the CALI Award

Volunteering with animals is an amazing experience! Introducing Merazonia, an amazing animal rescue centre in the Amazon rainforest.

Irish Water: Ireland Protests The Irish Water Charges

We spend the day in Dublin to cover the protests against the privatisation of Irish Water. We saw first hand how organised grassroots movements can take on the might of Governments.

Rebecca Morgan – Winner of the CALI Award

Rebecca Morgan

After the premature birth of her son, Rebecca Morgan was inspired to make a difference to other parents of children in the NICU

A taste of voluntourism in India

Want to experience voluntourism? Want to see India? Check out this incredible tour with Daya Trust – an opportunity not to be missed.

Melina Schamroth – Winner of the CALI Award

Melina Schamroth

Meet Melina – social entrepreneur and author who inspires, encourages and enables people to make a positive difference in their community!