15 Black and White Images from Bluesfest 2014

I took some photos at Bluesfest 2014 and this is what I came up with. All were shot using a nifty fifty and a canon 550D. I normally would video but as there were restrictions on artists and video rights, I had to snap instead. I love black and white and the effect it has on my mind when seeing the results.

A sweet kiss for co-workers brow

Faces in the Crowd

Hands up in the air

Indian dreaming of music love

Is it all too much?

Peace Sign by Erykah Badu

Pleasant feelings

Sky from Morcheeba

Smile for the camera

We all must wait sometimes

You could leave your hat on

Veggies taste better

You wait in time for them

A smile that says it all

Photos of those taking photos

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