Bus from Caracas to Maracay to Puerto Columbia (Chorini)

Puerto Colombia - Chorini, Venezuela
Puerto Colombia is a cute fishing vilage

Visiting Puerto Colombia

Puerto Columbia is a cute little fishing village that caters well to visitors and has plenty of budget posadas and hostels (which is rare in Caracas).

It is quiet during the week and then busy on the weekends with local sun seekers who are willing to brave the roads. If you are looking to escape from Caracas, Puerto Columbia in Chorini is the perfect way to start exploring the Caribbean coast.

There are several bus lines that run throughout the country, sometimes they have their own terminals and sometimes they share terminals with other lines.

Step 1: Bus from Caracas to Maracay

We took an Aeroexpresos Ejecutivos bus from Caracas to Maracay (50 Bolivers – 1.5 hours). There are also other companies that do this trip.

There were buses leaving approximately every 2 hours for Maracay. If you have pre-bought tickets you need to confirm them at the terminal when you arrive with your passport.

Security is tight on this service, and you check your luggage in (similar to an airline) about 15-30 minutes before boarding the bus. You will need ID (passport etc.) to board the bus as well as your ticket. In this terminal there is a small café selling coffee and pastries.

The seats are comfy, recline and it’s easy to sleep. Bring something warm as (like most long distance buses in South America) the air conditioning is blasted throughout the journey.

Step 2: Bus from Maracay to Puerto Colombia (Chorini)

Depending on which bus you take to Maracay you may or may not need to transfer to the main terminal, however with Aeroexpresos Ejecutivo you need to catch a taxi (40 bolivars). Taxis are happy to take you all the way to Chorini (about US$20-$30) if you want a tamer ride than the Chorini bus.

If you are going low budget, head to the big terminal “say: Terminal l’autobus Chorini” and head to the end of the line of smaller brightly coloured buses. This part of the terminal is a hot and noisy place where about 10 different routes start and terminate. You will need to ask for the one for Chorini as the docks themselves are not marked (the buses are, which is not helpful if the bus isn’t there!).

The Maracay to Chorini bus leaves every 1-1.5 hours and you may have to wait in the sun. There are snack and drink vendors in the terminal and if you need help ask one of the people with clipboards who are standing around.

Note: The last bus leaves Maracay for Puerto Columbia (Chorini) about 5:30pm

An unusual bus ride!

The bus from Maracay to Puerto Columbia (Chorini) (25-35 Bolivars- 2 hours) is pretty damn crazy!

Firstly there is the road. The road winds back and forwards up and around a steep mountain. Traffic hurtles both ways sharing one thin lane that drops off hundreds of metres until you meet the tops of the trees below. If you encounter other traffic and there is no passing option someone has to back up which can be interesting in a bus on a cliff!

There are plenty of hairpin turns and before blind corners the bus driver is very handy with what appears to be a fog horn to warn traffic coming the other way. Let’s just say the horn gets used a lot. I did at wonder at one stage if it was ever used in the fog and found the answer was “yes” 30 minutes later as we climbed into the clouds.

The unexpected twist was the music, it wasn’t until we got moving that we realised why everyone was sitting up the front of the bus… the biggest sound system I have ever seen in a vehicle!

The entire back of the bus was stacked wall to wall with massive yellow speakers pounding merengue, reggaeton and house music, with the vibrations of the subwoofer jiggling our bums and lungs as we hurtled up and down the mountain.

Speakers on the bus
Trying to snap the giant speakers as we hurtle down the road

Luckily we happened to have ear plugs handy as after the first hour my head started to throb in time to the music (the music on the way back was not so insanely huge, so it is up to the mood of your driver!).

This ride is bumpy! So lay your luggage on the floor in the aisle.

Despite the madness the scenery is stunning, the drivers seem pretty experienced and the bus terminates a 5 minute walk away from Puerto Columbia where most of the posadas (hostels) and accommodation is located.

Playa Grande - Puerto Colombia - Chorini
The main beach is lovely, once you get beyond the rubbish

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