Our Philosophy

We have two focuses

In a nutshell Five Point Five is about inspiring you to do those things that you will remember with satisfaction for the rest of your life. Having two focuses may be a little greedy, but we didn’t want it any other way!

Focus 1: Making a Difference

Making a Difference

The name Five Point Five was inspired by this awesome video featuring Narayanan Krishnan who quit his job to care for the destitute and mentally ill on the streets of India.

He says “Everyone has 5.5 litres of blood. I am just a human being, for me everybody is the same”.

We think with their 5.5 that everybody (yes you!) has the capacity to make a difference to their community in some way.

We find people all over the world who choose to spend their time doing something that matters. If we do a good job, their stories will inspire your socks off!

We have:

Focus 2: Lifestyle Travel

Lifestyle Travel

Like many people we are passionate about travel and some of the team have created a way to travel permanently.

We spend our days having adventures, discovering new places and immersing ourselves in the struggles and triumphs of other peoples lives around the world.

Members of the Five Point Five team have traveled since April 2012 through Latin America and we bring you up to the moment blogs and articles for those who wish to armchair travel or get out there and do it yourself. Check out:

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