Do You Want 1000 Days of Travel?

1000 Days of Travel

Are you ready for 1000 days of travel?

Or even just a few months…

Or even just a little more freedom and fulfillment than you have right now?

When people ask what we do, they often look wistful when they hear our response… the next comment is usually predictable…

“I wish I could do that.”

The idea of a laptop lifestyle is simply irresistible.

If you think you might be one of those people – today is the day it could all change!

We started blogging first, and then we found a way to create a mobile income from that. The final result – location freedom. Over 1000 days of travel in 20 countries. Experiences that we had previously only dreamed about. Meeting the most inspiring people in the world!

Before you start seeing dollar signs, there is one caveat… You have to be willing to put the work in! Like any small business, if you work really hard you will gain some momentum and as that grows so do the opportunities that present themselves along the way…

Things start to happen!

If you would really like to do what we do I run a course called the Website Launchpad from time to time. In this course I will show you step by step…

  • How to create a business website from scratch with no previous technical experience
  • How to blog and what to blog about
  • How to market your website and build an audience
  • How people actually make money online… because most people assume it’s from ads.

It is 8 weeks of live online classes, and the most common reaction of my participants is “wow, I can’t believe what I have achieved in this time!”

If you need a website to succeed in your next lifestyle adventure (even if you don’t know what it will be) book your place in the course and get started.

You could be getting your own one way tickets a year from now!

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  1. nancy

    i did your course a couple of years ago and am still blogging – it was one of the best and friendliest courses i ever did and all online. I really recommend this course because it unleashes your inner blogger and opens up a whole new way of thinking. 2 years down the track and i am preparing my life to go “portable” with a new business website. Thanks to you and your encouraging spirit and yes, that hard hard work you do.

  2. Jolleen Ruiz

    1,000 days of travel sounds like heaven.. My husand and I had kids young and never really got the chance to go anywhere.. Love my babies though 😉

  3. Katrina Phelan

    My husband and I love to travel, but I like having a homebase to go to when I need some down time. But I love reading about people who can travel full time. =) Maybe someday.

  4. Sam Gould

    Such a great way to be able to live life, one day I hope I can do that in the future 🙂


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