Photo Blog: Fun on Varadero Beach, Cuba


Map of Cuba - Varadero Beach

Varadero Beach

Varadero is predominantly a tourist town on the North Coast of Cuba. It takes just under 3 hours by bus from Havana.

Although it is known for big resorts you can also enjoy the beach as a budget traveller staying at gorgeous little Casa Particulares.

The beach is insanely beautiful, luckily you don’t have to take my word for it – here are some pictures…

Varadero Beach

Of course days and days on a beautiful untouched beach can lead to much silliness!

Varadero Beach - Serena Star Leoanrd

Very important business.

Varadero Beach, Cuba - Sober Paddy

Hmmm should we stay a few more days?

Varadero Beach

We have heard of a few travellers who have avoided Varadero Beach because there is less culture there, which is very true – it is manicured and modern compared to everywhere else.

But the beach is truly beautiful, and when we were there in early November, completely empty. So we ended up staying much longer than we planned, if you have the time to spend lushing on a beautiful beach, Varadero is the place to be.

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