Tara-Lee Soysa – Winner of the CALI Award

Tara-Lee teaches teenagers from diverse backgrounds in a school in South Auckland, she inspires these young people to reach their full potential through the medium of art and American Football.

Holly-ann Martin – Winner of the CALI Award

Our newest CALI Award recipient is Holly-ann Martin who worked as a teacher’s assistant for 25 years, until she found her real purpose in life, helping children to feel safe. Holly delivers critical Abuse Prevention Education in remote communities.

Ronni Kahn – Winner of the CALI Award

Our latest CALI Award Winner is Ronni Khan who was stunned by the amount of food wasted by the hospitality industry and she decided to do something about it.

Rick and Kerry-Ann Mapperson – CALI Award Winners

Our latest CALI Award winners, Rick and Kerry-Ann Mapperson help at risk families stay together under one roof. Their work gives families the skills to overcome great obstacles and their story is inspirational!

Dr. Freda Briggs – Winner of the CALI Award

Our latest CALI Award winner is Dr. Freda Briggs, who has spent her life working to improve child protection laws and the safety of children around the world. Her fight is hugely important and we are thrilled to bring you her story.

Rochelle Stewart-Allen – Winner of the CALI Award

This weeks CALI Award winner Rochelle Stewart has dedicated her life to helping girls get educated and lift themselves out of poverty. Read her inspiring story!