An inspiring video which will make you feel great

ESTOY AQUÍ Intervención Urbana / I AM HERE Urban Intervention from Felipe Carrasco G. on Vimeo.

We found this video when we were researching inspiring videos some time ago. What we loved about it was the simplicity. Some girls walk around the streets of a Chilean city and put balloons around the necks of some of the dogs they find. What happens after that is that people begin to notice them.

This really highlights how simple it is to make a difference. You don’t need millions. You don’t need fantastic ideas. You don’t need armies of volunteers. Keep it simple and go execute it. Get out there and make an easy change. See a problem and take action.

This epitomises our philosophy here at Five Point Five. We want to be part of the people who change the world. The only way we can do that is one little issue at a time. Big Government is not going to save you. Big international Laws will not come to help you. YOU are the one who can do it. YOU are the individual with the power to create. YOU have imagination, ability and a heart which goes beyond any power out there. YOU can be the difference.

doggie 1
Doggies with balloons

Imagine if every peron did one little thing like this? Imagine the domino effect. Imagine if we all connected and shared these storie? Imagine if every second person in the world did? Think about the endless possibilities there are.

So we share this video with you today in the hope that you will see how simple it is. We are not struggling to write or print blogs!! We have an abundance of amazing ideas! But “I am here” show you the simplicity we should apply to all our problems.

Doggie 2
Won’t you love me a little sir?
Serena Star Leonard

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