Halfway to Hippydom – 5 Signs I am Becoming a Hippy

Making Beaded Bracelets

I think all this travelling might be turning me into a hippy, I only realised when I arrived in Copacapana – Bolivia and there are hippies everywhere!

I don’t have anything against hippies, I just never considered myself one of them – the other day I realised that from the outside there is a lot of evidence that I may be halfway to hippy.

Since I have been travelling…

I became a proper vegetarian

I have danced with pescatarianism, free range and much more but last year in Nicaragua after reading Eating Animals we became proper veg.

I bought a pair of hippy pants

They are blue and black and stripy and have an elasticated waist band. I was cold when I bought them – I don’t wear them out (much) but I can’t bear to give them away just yet!

I started making beaded jewellery

Like friendship bracelets. For kids we meet along the way.

John cuts my hair

Well he has a few times when I have been too scared to go to the local hairdressers because I have been butchered so many times now.

John cuts my hair

I am anti-establishment

But, well… who isn’t these days?

I don’t wear makeup

Well I have makeup and if I went somewhere nice I would wear it, but I am enjoying clean skin 99% of the time!

I love trees and occasionally hug them

Does this make me part hippy?

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