Renting cheap apartments in Phuket

Finding a cheap apartment in Thailand is a process. But if you are organised and know where to look, then you can find yourself a real bargain

Thinking about poverty as I travel

What is the answer to poverty? Do people have control of their own lives or are we confined by the physical circumstances of our birth?

Saving The Leatherback Turtles in Costa Rica

We journey to the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica where visit the Pacuare Nature reserve and see first hand the incredible work being done to protect the critically endangered Leatherback Turtles.

How to track someone down in Cuba

Ever wondered how you might go about tracking someone down in Cuba? When you barely speak the language? With only a name and the knowledge that the someone you want is a student doctor in Havana?

500 Days of Travel

While on the road, we passed a milestone of 500 days of travel. What is it like to spend so much time moving?