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Hiking Boots from Merida, VenezuelaBuying hiking boots in Merida, Venezuela

We hadn’t planned on being there and our flip flops were not going to cut it, so we went shopping for hiking boots. The variety of boots is not too bad in a couple of shops and there is one cheaper brand Volpe that seems to be in every store. Volpe boots/shoes are only about… Read more »

Merida, VenezuelaPosadas and hostels in Merida, Venezuela

Merida is a relatively safe and vibrant city surrounded by a stunning landscape of mountains (The Andes). Parts are more modern than other cities in Venezuela and has a great variety of food, adventure sports, hiking and shopping.

Bus from Puerto Colombia to Maracay to Merida, Venezuela

Bus from Puerto Colombia (Chorini) to Maracay, Venezuela Getting from Puerto Colombia to Maracay is easy. Just go to the bus station and get on the only bus out of town. Buses leave every hour or so. It is a similarly bumpy ride back to the terminal in Maracay (see getting the bus from Caracas… Read more »