Welcome! A message from Serena and Johnny

Well… here we are!

Johnny and Serena
Johnny and Serena in Venezuela

It feels like we have been working on Five Point Five for ever – but it has really just been one year.

One incredible, fantastical, life changing year.

This time last year we were in Sydney, planning our big trip – three years of travel. I guess planning three years of travel for anyone is a pretty big deal, but we had this desire to make it more than just about us.

Then through a series of events – meeting exciting people, waking up in the middle of the night chats and drive-home-from-the-movies-in-the-car-brainstorming we came up with some big ideas, a concept and finally a name.

This website is about some things that are very important to us – making a difference, travel and inspiring others to get out and live those dream lives.

We film mini documentaries about people who have dedicated their lives to making a difference to their communities.

We bring you the best travel adventures, tips and accommodation options.

We hope to inspire you to get the absolute most you can out of this life you are living.

This year has been:

  • Four months dreaming and planning
  • Eight months of travelling, filming, writing and meeting outrageously inspiring people
  • Ten whole minutes of having a live website!

Please check out the website and subscribe for monthly updates – also we would love to know what you think!

If you want to help us reach our goals please share our videos, blogs and articles every chance you get.

A massive thanks go to:

Joy Toose, World Vision Australia and MiNDFOOD Magazine for your partnership.

Alex Francisco and Karen Vien for being part of the team when we have all but disappeared.

Our awesome sponsors Rode Microphones, Adeal and Octoply for believing in us from the outset.

Chris Bates for being so committed to making this website a reality.

The community projects who have let us in with our camera and been so generous in sharing your stories and your lives.

And to you for reading this far!!

Lots of love, and warm fuzzies

Serena & John xx


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9 thoughts on “Welcome! A message from Serena and Johnny”

  1. Hi guys and a HUGE C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!! Awesome stuff – you are so inspirational and I can’t wait to read/see more of what you’re up to…would like to take part myself somehow…thinking caps on… 🙂 Wahoooo!!

  2. Love it… and if they got to see it too they would be blown away… It inspires you to want to give support to the project. Is there a donations section?


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