La Iguana Perdida Hotel & Hostel, Lake Atitlan: Video Review

This has been one of my favourite stays in 6 months of travel and simply begs the use of superlatives. The grounds are beautiful, the rooms are divine, the staff are lovely, the food is delicious and the view is breathtaking.

Lake Atitlan La Iguana Perdida


La Iguana Perdida (the lost iguana) and ATI Divers are situated just metres away from the clear waters of Lake Atitlan. With views of all three volcanos the location could not be any more picturesque, some rooms with stunning views from the hammock on your balcony.

Catch a boat from Panajachel to Santa Cruz La Laguna (20 minutes) and make sure to tell the captain of your location as it is a somewhat less touristy location.

You will see La Iguana Perdida to your right as soon as you disembark the boat.

Hotel Lake Atitlan

To lay your head

Depending on your budget the lush plant filled grounds of La Iguana Perdida open out to dorms, open air dorms, cabins and spacious hotel rooms.

The beds are extremely comfortable and showers hot. We had the Toliman room which as well as being spacious and lovely, had stunning views of volcanos and lake and a hammock in which to enjoy it all, swinging on the balcony.

There are also plenty of living spaces, with hammocks, a pool table, cosy bars and colourful places to sit back and soak up the quiet lake surroundings.

Hotel Lake Atitlan - Iguana Perdida

Diving Lake Atitlan

Diving at altitude is a novelty for many divers and at La Iguana Perdida you have access to the only dive shop & school on the lake – ATI Divers. Prices for diving and courses rival the cheapest in Utila, Thailand or Taganga and class sizes are small. So if you are considering a dive course this is certainly a unique destination worth adding to the list.

Diving Lake Atitlan


The food here is delicious, think fresh homemade bread and local produce, good wholesome food and dinner includes desert!

Breakfast and lunch is a la carte and a three course dinner (Q50) is served nightly, family style with everyone meeting around the big candle lit dinner table (when there is enough room!).

Restaurant Lake Atitlan


There is no Wifi available, but a computer room is available on site. Internet access is slow but reliable (unless the power is out).

Views & Activities

Imagine a large high altitude lake, surrounded by the smaller peaks of mountains and the larger peaks of three beautiful volcanos. Everything here comes with a breath taking view. Soak it up from the restaurant and living areas and many of the rooms.

Hotel Lake Atitlan - La Iguana Perdida

The wood fired sauna looks like something out of the land of hobbits. Light the fire about an hour before you crawl into the small clay hut and sweat out the good times! A unique way to detox the excesses of city living.

As well as enjoying some total relaxation try weaving classes, yoga, Spanish lessons, kayaking or day trips to the many other lake towns or the big markets at Chichistenango.

We say

This is one of our absolute favourite places to stay in Latin America. We love everything about this place and are very much looking forward to returning in the future! Highlights include the views, altitude diving, the atmosphere and the woodfire sauna.

If you are interested in something unique and special La Iguana Perdida is not to be missed.

The facts

Accommodation type: Hostel & Hotel

Price: From $5 to $50 per night depending on your choice of accommodation styles

Web Address:

Phone Number: (502) 5706-4117


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  1. Brittany | Vegan + Travel

    La Iguana Perdida sounds like such a lovely and amazing place to stay! I actually just booked a private room there for next month during my travels to Guatemala and am so excited to experience this! Thank you for writing such a great review.


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