The Animals of The Galapagos

The animals make The Galapagos Islands a unique and wonderful place. But is it possible to just see these animals in a zoo? If not, then why not? What makes this set of Islands so removed in the Pacific Ocean so special? What can we learn from them?

Posada Del Quinde Hotel, Otavalo, Ecuador: Review

Posada del Quinde

Introducing the gorgeous Posada Del Quinde in Otavalo, Ecuador. Make the most of the serene surroundings of the Ecuadorian highlands.

Football Pitches in Rio Verde, Ecuador

Football field - Football pitches

Welcome to the first edition of football pitches we see around the world. The common bond of football knits so many communities together and it is something which we have seen emancipate women in Nicaragua, provide simple entertainment in slums of Colombia and give health and normality to kids in many other countires.

So we will start this week with three simple photos from our time near Banos in Ecuador.

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How to get a bus from Cali to Quito

Santuario de Las Lajas

Planning your bus across the border from Colombia to Ecuador is hard with so little information available, We took buses from Cali to Quito and describe exactly how you can too.